Jewelry Care

We only use carefully selected materials and are committed to only the best quality, as we work hand in hand with our carefully chosen manufacturers. Our jewelry is hand finished, specifically our stone setting and polishing. We have consistent and strict quality controls and checks.
The majority of our jewelry consists of 925 Sterling Silver, double gold plated with 2 microns and 18kt gold. We use only hypoallergenic materials, no nickel and therefore no color alterations. To add a few examples, we use a lot of semi-precious stoned such as mother of pearl, onyx stoned, labradorite and zirconias.

It is important to take note of our care instructions. An anti-tarnish coating is used on all of our jewelry to help against tarnishing. If jewelry is exposed to open air for a long period of time, it is possible that it could tarnish. This can however always be cleaned. Before any contact with water, exercising or going to sleep we recommend that you remove all jewelry. In addition, when in contact with any harsh chemicals or substances, we cannot guarantee that the jewelry will stay in tact. To give a few examples, try to avoid perfumes, silver polish, soaps, salt water, chlorine and cleaning products.

All of our jewelry is best stored away from natural sunlight and heat, ideally in a box or any other tarnish resistant unit. Another option is to store it in a plastic zip lock bag made of polyethylene. Avoid using polyvinyl plastic bags such as trash can liners as they are made of sulphur compounds which will make sterling silver tarnish a lot quicker, and in the worst case could turn black. In addition, avoid storing your jewelry in any wet or humid areas such as the bathroom, kitchen etc.

To clean our jewelry, pour a small amount of natural/mild soap into lukewarm water and use a soft brush to gently clean the jewelry. We advise you to use an old toothbrush with a soft brush. Another option is to soak jewelry in lukewarm water for 30 minutes. For gold jewelry please note that hard brushing while cleaning may cause the plating to fade away so it is important that you clean the jewelry very gently. Additionally feel free to use a silver-polishing cloth to make the sterling silver jewelry shine again if any of the pieces have lost their shine and become dull.